We Made It!

We are here! This is how beautiful the weather is – we are so lucky!


Lots to show you already but have a date at Kensington Palace today and as usual we are running behind . . . hope to send you more tonight. XXX

4 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. So glad you made to London. I just finished watching the first season of Crown for the second time. I am looking forward to seeing you pics and blog.
    Love ya!


  2. Haven’t even slept yet and already shopping! It all looks wonderful. How much history and culture and architecture is packed into those few square miles you cruised today. Enjoy!!!!!!


    • It really is the most amazing place! We are having wonderful Laumer weather . . . all the Brits we have met so far told us we must have brought the sun from Texas as this is very rare. Shirtless sunbathing in Kensington Gardens today 🙂


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