Ready, Set . . .

and tomorrow we go!

We are hoping to see Queenie (again!?!) and get all the latest family news . . .


We want hear the gossip about our favorite Royals and see what more we can find out about the Veales (Dad and Aunt Diane’s biological father’s family) in Cornwall.

And we’re also ready to experience all the art and beaches and fish and chips we can! We will keep you posted right here.

XX from Kim and Pam, still packing and in that grumpy-getting-ready-we’ll-be-so-glad-to-get-on-the-plane stage!




2 thoughts on “Ready, Set . . .

  1. Glad your out of the country for a few days. Maybe we can get it to settle back down and be normal by the time you get back. Hope your trip goes well and all is enjoyable. Unk Bitch


    • The way things are going, we hope you can keep it together for us! You would really love it here . . . the people-watching can’t be beat. You and Mom would love the bus rides for all you can see!


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