Tea for Two

The more I think about it, the more I realize how much we saw and did in our first full day in London! Before we visited Kensington Palace we went to the first place we ever had afternoon tea in London: The Orangery. The walk to the Orangery through hornbeam hedges is very grand!


This beautiful place right behind Kensington Palace was built in 1704 by Queen Anne. She wanted protect her citrus trees in the winter and entertain her guests in a novel way. http://www.orangerykensingtonpalace.co.uk/history/

Now it is the most charming place for tea!

Luckily we prebooked here too, as it was fully reserved on this sunny day. Everyone wanted to sit outside and be spoiled. We saw lots of ladies who lunch and parents with darling children.



We like sitting inside – this is right as The Orangery has opened and you can see the wonderful architecture.


Flowers to greet you!


And lovely china . . .


And looking out the huge open windows to watch others enjoying their tea.


And then we got ours!


Cheers, cheers, cheers to tea! And to the little photobomber sitting next to us!


So many different sandwiches – here’s the menu with all the sandwiches and a little history of tea. Please notice that even here in the fanciest-of-fancy places our clotted cream is from CORNWALL!


Classic cucumber sandwiches.


And then scones that we slather with strawberry jam and clotted cream.


By the time we got to top tier of our platter we were so full. Luckily the cakes and creamy treats were small and we managed to take a few nibbles. What a sacrifice!


Fast forward to our next tea for two seated by these amazing daffodils in our Cobblers Cottage in Mousehole (Cornwall is famous for its daffodils . . . grows most of those sold throughout the UK)


Our hostess Melanie left us a tea tray for our arrival.


With CORNISH cream of course. It is the best!


And look at Melanie’s blue willow plates just like mine. I could almost be at home except I have never made scones as delicious as these.


These are the best scones I have ever had. Do you think she’ll give me the recipe so I can make them for you?

Even the tea Melanie gave us is grown right here in Cornwall.


I think we’ve arrived in tea heaven.


2 thoughts on “Tea for Two

  1. Wow! What a lovely spot to have tea- The Orangery! Way to much food. What was your favorite food? You must ask Melanie for the recipe or what her secret is to make such delicious scones so you can make them for us. Enjoyed the tour of Kensington Palace. Thanks for being our tour guide.❤️😘💕


  2. Kim loved the egg salad sandwich, and I think I always love the scones and cream best. I will say this tea gave us plenty of energy to tour the palace, whew! Even we couldn’t finish all the treats! XX


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