One of the Prettiest Walks in London

A 30-minute walk in London on a Spring day cannot be beat! I wanted Kim to see this neighborhood I discovered last time I got to stay in Kensington and walked up to Kensington Gardens from Cromwell Road. Right off busy Cromwell Road you have quiet streets with amazing blocks of houses.


How do they keep them so white?


And you can see the mews cottages behind the blocks of houses – these were originally the horse stables of the grand houses in front! This is Cornwall Mews: how appropriate for us!


And here is one of my all-time favorite streets, Launceston Place. Or as I think it should be named: Cherry Tree Lane.


A shout of Cherry Trees in front of so many of the houses!


And then quiet little square gardens behind.


I like the minimalist doors and plants, too. Elegant!


But oh – the colors on Cherry Tree Lane!



There is a little restaurant at the top of Launceston Place that I want to try one day. Today the windows were spotless mirrors!


As you head up to Kensington Gardens, you climb up into these even quieter passages between the main streets.


Even along the passage, a home built into the side of the wall has its classic London entrance: a shiny door with knocker and door knob right in the middle. Symmetrical tubs with bay trees and colorful flowers at the base. London!


And look at the Georgian stucco here. The colors are so cool and pale. I want one of these!


See this hotel on Prince of Wales Terrace – wow!


And now just cross the street . . .


And you are in Kensington Gardens where Peter Pan used to hang out. All the kids are out!


KF calls this group “The Yummy Mummys take the kids to the park.” We think they have thermoses of Mimosas on that blanket!


We loved this boy chasing the bubbles blown by his nanny.


And here is our destination!


Can you tell what it is from the famous gates?


Kensington Palace! More to come about “Ken Pal” soon.


Wish you could have walked this slice of elegant London with us!



3 thoughts on “One of the Prettiest Walks in London

  1. Looks like the weather is holding. The area is lovely. Just finished looking at my friend Barbara’s video on Macon, Ga. The worlds capital of cherry trees. How beautiful the trees are when they are blooming.


    • I was thinking those were cherry trees on Cherry Tree Lane but Kim thinks maybe they were too pink to be cherries? Would love to see Macon’s cherry trees! Went to a garden in Cornwall today and kept wishing for Grandmother to be there so she could tell us about everything. Will be getting to Cornwall posts soon. So much to show! XX


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